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Recent Awards
City of Arcade

2008 John Keller Award
Outstanding Planning Initiative
For a Small Town or Rural Area

Presented by the American Planning Association's Small Town and Rural Planning Division

Community Outreach for the 2006 - 2026 Comprehensive Plan
Town of Moreland, Georgia

In an environment of impending massive change, the citizens of Moreland embarked on their comprehensive planning process. Moreland understood that a public involvement campaign would be necessary in order to develop an accurate
vision and ensure public support.

In addition to a high-quality public participation program, the Town incorporated innovative planning ideas into its Comprehensive Plan. Character Areas were developed by residents through the Cognitive Mapping Exercise. A unique and pioneering Character Area for future annexation areas was also developed in response to development pressure and a future bypass. A vision for each character area was described and a toolkit of implementation measures was provided with links to State resources.

Moreland overcame obstacles such as limited resources and minimal staff through an aggressive public education and participation program in order to develop a progressive and widely supported Comprehensive Plan. As a result, residents and town leadership championed and then implemented many of the smart growth principles and strategies expressed in the Comprehensive Plan.

Please contact Marilyn Hall for more information on this project.

Marilyn Hall of Hall Consulting accepts the award on behalf of the Town of Moreland.

Moreland residents work on the cognitive mapping exercise.

Visioning workshop participants develop the vision for the Town.